Is the word transvestite acceptable anymore? If not, then what is the most  politically correct way to address men who wear the clothes of the opposite sex? Trans-what? is a short documentary looking at where cross-dressers fit into the transgender spectrum – if at all.

”I am still perfectly male underneath all this. This is just my preferred method of appearance and I am more comfortable this way.” 
‘There are still a lot of misconceptions and the derogatory terms don’t help. Here we prefer to be known as trans rather than just transvestites because it covers the whole spectrum. People need to realise we are still human beings.’



”Everybody’s got their own pleasures in life – mine just happens to be wearing the clothes of the opposite sex.”
‘The transgender spectrum is too broad and can be misleading. You’re always going to have a problem when you label everything together.’
”It’s not a simple as being gay, trans, a cross-dresser – whatever. It takes somebody very narrow minded to label people as just one thing.”



‘Cross-dressing is definitely something that gets overlooked but I would hope that drag can help.’
”Everyone’s offended by something.”